Our Mission

Our Mission

Research in the laboratory aims to understand brain developmental processes from embryonic to postnatal stages and characterize the alterations caused by genetic and environmental factors using rodent models of neurodevelopmental disorders.

We are also interested in contributing knowledge on the developmental trajectories of high-risk populations using cognitive and physiological measures. This translational approach works hand-in-hand with the Puerto Rican community to enhance its participation and help eradicate health disparities.

Lab Events

Evento: "Autismo en PR: Uniendo Voces"

Jun 30   PARA REGISTRARSE Pulse aquí


Seminario: "The Evolution of Rhythm"

April 11            Más Detalles

Seminar:"Integrative Modeling of Mammalian Brain Development & Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome" April 25 UPR-RCM  Más Detalles

Estudio: "Riesgo de Autismo en Bebés"

                    Más Detalles

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